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Do you cringe when you hear stories about the sloppy 'sales rep' that shows up at a store at an inconvenient time, shows the buyer a catalog, pitches something, and then leaves? We do too! At Earthlines Sales & Marketing we seek to radically overturn this image. We know that when we offer value-added service and support to the retailer, great sales will follow.


When we call upon one of our stores, the first objective is to connect with our retailers. We have personal relationships with these folks; we know what's going on in their lives and what they are passionate about. Next, we ALWAYS check out our products and inventory our items. We never forget that what we offer is a service, not just a sale and when we put your product on the shelf it is our job to make sure it is selling through. In this way, we gain the trust and respect of the retailer and plant the seed of partnership that fosters growth for your product lines.

Some of the services we provide on a typical sales call include:

  • Inventories with each visit to track sell through, close distribution gaps, and detect slower moving items
  • Shelf maintenance to be sure the line looks the best it possibly can, checking for testers that need cleaning, bottles that need rotating, etc.
  • Look for opportunities to cross merchandise and place POS material
  • Present new items and current promotions
  • Brainstorm opportunities for events, co-op marketing, advertised promotions
  • Aisle train and sample new team members
  • Help inquiring customers and sample on our products


Our work is not yet done until we have exceeded your expectations and those of our retailers. Some of the ways that we have partnered with stores to go beyond expectations include:

  • Store Set Up: When a new store is opening or a store is moving or expanding, we are there to assist. This is not only an effort to insure great placement for our products but to gain the respect of the retailer in their efforts to grow their business.
  • Resets... Constantly: We are always looking for a better way to merchandise your products. Can we move to eye level? Can we brand block? Can we help the retailer move some other items to make room for your new line?
  • Store Demos: Not just your typical demo. Our demo representatives are some of the finest in the industry. They are trained to work the aisles and sell product - not just stand there and offer free samples.
  • In-Store Events: We design in-store events that create real interest and excitement about your products. We partner with our brand educators, to offer makeup and skin consultations, "Night of Beauty" events, seminars, lectures and more. We provide the tools to advertise the event in-store and through social media. Our events boost product sales and most importantly, create many life-long customers for your brand.
  • Trainings: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. When our educators are in town, we capitalize on every opportunity to offer trainings. We plan ahead, confirm and offer incentives to join and learn. If a store or team member cannot participate in person, we offer opportunities over the phone when it is convenient for them or provide recordings or webinar links to participate at their leisure. And as always, aisle trainings are part of our regular sales call.


You can trust that partnering with Earthlines means enthusiastic, hands-on sales, support, and service. Constantly seeking creative ways to increase sell-through has driven our brokerage to be one of the best in our region. We look forward to partnering with you to increase your store presence and grow your sales.

Natural Product Brokers Servicing New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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